Weber Scientific Frequent Buyers Program

Download Weber Scientific’s Frequent Buyers Program Catalog and the printable Order Form.
This program has been specifically designed as a way for us to express our continued gratitude to our many loyal customers – again and again.

How FBP Works
You’ll receive Frequent Buyers coupons – called Cowbucks – with every purchase of $50.00 or more from Weber Scientific. Collect enough points to get these terrific FREE gifts. It’s easy to redeem your Cowbucks. Simply follow the simple instructions on the printable order form. If you have any questions about our Frequent Buyers Program, please call 800-328-8378.

Every Single Weber Scientific Product Comes With Cowbucks
All orders of $50.00 or more entitles you to receive Cowbucks. Cowbucks are given based on the total value of the order and will be packed with your shipment. For every $50.00 in purchases, you will receive 10 Cowbucks.

For Example:
Spend $50.00 – $99.99, get 10 Cowbucks
Spend $100.00 – $149.99, get 20 Cowbucks
Spend $150.00 – $199.99, get 30 Cowbucks
And so on.

*Minimum order is $10.00, eligibility in program begins with orders of $50.00 or more.

NOTE: Allow two to eight weeks for receipt of your free gift(s). In the event of a model change or discontinued product, you will be offered the choice of a new model or another selection having the same point value. Weber Scientific is absolutely not responsible for lost, stolen or mutilated coupons under any circumstance. Nor is Weber Scientific responsible for lost mail. You may want to consider mailing coupons by certified mail. Offer good only in U.S.A. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice. Invalid where prohibited by law or institutional policy.